& Climate Change Conference

The First International Conference on Petrochemicals and Climate Change: Technology, Policy and Societal Change in a time of Planetary Crises

01 Jul 2024 - 03 Jul 2024
Hosted by the University of Cambridge

Conference Aims

This conference will be a meeting place for academics and staff from other research focused organisations who take an interest in the central role that the petrochemical and plastics industries play in contributing to the planetary crises of climate change, global pollution and biodiversity loss. We see that this conference could provide a great opportunity for learning across fields of research that are rarely connected, enabling discussion and debate amongst people from a wide range of disciplines.

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General Information

The first international conference on Petrochemicals and Climate Change: Technology, Policy, and Societal Change in a Time of Planetary Crises is being held at the University of Cambridge 1 – 3 July, 2024.

Key Themes

The three central themes for the conference are:

  1. Global context and impacts
  2. Solutions and interventions for a just transition
  3. Actors and institutions

Please see the agenda page for more information on these themes.

We are proud to be represented by these institutions and groups in our Conference Committee.